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About holograms

Hologram is an image recorded on a plate or film and generated as a result of interference of two beams of light coming from a single source (laser): one reflecting off the object and another emerging directly from the source of light (reference beam). This technique allows to get three dimension detailed images.

Holographic element (HE) is a thin material designed to record and later reproduce an image created as a result of interference and diffraction of the reflected light.

Security holographic element (SHE) is a holographic element designed for labeling data media, documents and goods aimed to confirm their authenticity, authorship etc., and with the use of technologies making it impossible to be illegally replicated.

Except for confirmation of authenticity, authorship etc. of data media, documents and goods and ensuring control over goods unpacking, hologram is also an effective marketing means for increasing sales.

Thanks to the unique optical features, the products labeled with producer’s or importer’s holographic logos become much more attractive as compared to other similar products that do not bear such holograms.

Labeling products with unique producer’s or importer’s holographic logos is regarded as a quality mark in its way by which producer or importer guarantees genuineness of the products labeled in this way. Hence, such products enjoy greater demand among customers.

Bright, recognizable and attractive label on a package which is impossible to be replicated (forged) is also an effective anti-counterfeit means and a tool for achieving successful sales of your products. Originality, modern innovative manufacturing technologies, creative design solutions guarantee your brand a real success.