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Our advantages! Terms of production, Price, Quality, Security.

Advantage number 1. Gammagrafik Ltd. registered in Ukraine - a country where the business activity of holographic protection of documents and goods, is a licensed activity. Having licensed by the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Security Service, our company is subject to control by those public bodies that, by its very nature provides to our Ukrainian and international customers state guarantees for Ukraine's security relationship with Gammagrafik Ltd. when placing orders for the design, manufacture, use, import into and export from Ukraine Ukraine holographic products are made now. In addition,

in accordance with the regulations of Ukraine, which regulate the monitoring of our business activities in the field of holographic protection, Gammagrafik Ltd. not only accountable to the state licensing authorities to designed, manufacture and application of holograms and shall within five days from date of shipment to overseas customers ordered their holograms to provide a Security Service of Ukraine properly certified copies of shipping documents and invoices certifying the shipment made ​​Gammagrafik Ltd. holograms to foreign customers.


Advantage number 2. Gammagrafik Ltd. compared with other manufacturers of holograms is a company that provides its customers with the fastest time of development, production and delivery of holograms. This is achieved by good planning of work and interaction and exploration, production and logistics divisions. So, from the moment of agreement with the customer design the hologram until its manufacturing and customer delivery unit Gammagrafik Ltd. standards are based on the circulation to produce holograms from 5 to 10 working days and 2 days for customs clearance and shipment of customer holograms.

Advantage number 3. Gammagrafik Ltd. compared with other manufacturers of holograms is positioned on the Ukrainian and international markets for holograms, as a company that provides customers with holograms lowest prices in Europe. If you do not agree with this, Gammagrafik Ltd. invites you to submit documents showing that you provided one of the European manufacturers of holograms price to manufacture a certain number of holograms lower than what you gave Gammagrafik Ltd. - we will give you an additional discount of 30% of the price which was lower than that proposed by us, without lowering the quality you have ordered the holograms.

Advantage number 4. Gammagrafik Ltd. compared with other manufacturers of holograms develops and manufactures orders from a thousand individual holograms, the cost of such orders is low. The company has readily available technical solutions that allow you to meet the demand for small to 1000 hologram print runs cost holograms.

Advantage number 5. Gammagrafik Ltd. manufactures holographic products with quality, which is defined by TU 21.2-23500426-001: 2007 "Holographic elements and holographic security elements" registered by the State Committee of Ukraine for technical regulation and consumer policy. Of high quality manufactured by our company holographic products is evidenced by the fact that our holograms from one year to protect the products of such famous brands as Mercedes-Benz, Toshiba, Kärcher, Heel, BRC, Louda Systems.

Advantage number 6. Conceptual strategy Gammagrafik Ltd. the design and manufacture of holograms customers - to provide customers with tools to determine the authenticity of holograms manufactured by us by the customer and an exquisite, unique design of the hologram, which complements the appearance of the product to which it is applied, thereby increasing the consumer appeal of the product with a hologram. To this end, our research and survey laboratories, the design of the hologram recording using a high resolution hologram of technical devices, the number and different types of hidden images, as well as additional types of protective properties of materials and labels that applies only Gammagrafik Ltd. For example, the properties of holographic labels or stickers to collapse in form logo Gammagrafik Ltd. when removed from the product, product packaging or other media. This additional protection is only in our arsenal, because the manufacture of such material under the order of tens of thousands of euros is impossible.

Dear Customers! Company Gammagrafik Ltd. always glad to be useful for you. We develop, manufacture and deliver you the hologram them to any place in the world honestly and accurately.