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Production of plastic cards

Scientific-Production Enterprise "Gammagrafik develops and manufactures plastic cards of almost any kind.

Manufacturing plastic cards begins with the development of their design and appearance specifications. After coordination with the Customer Design and Specifications, Order comes into production.

In accordance with the developed designed and decorated Specification, be printed on plastic sheets, position applying for plastic sheets printed with holograms, sintering of printed sheets in a press laminator and cutting pieces of plastic cards on special equipment.

Further, the blank plastic cards are subject to individual personalization. So, at the request of the Customer, decorated in the Specification, procurement of the cards can be personalized by different kinds of personalization, as follows:

- Printing photos (if the photo has not been applied before, during printing on sheets of plastic);
- Drawing numbering embossing (identpechatyu);
- Tippirovanie numbering (silver, gold, black and other colors);
- Drawing barcode (if the barcodes were not printed before, during printing on sheets of plastic);
- The application of holographic overlay (if a holographic overlay was not applied before, during sintering, plastic sheets);
- Coding tape HiCo;
- Encoding chips.

Production of plastic cards are packaged in a special transparent film and shipped to the customer.

Our potential customers SPE Gammagrafik guarantees interesting and attractive prices for plastic cards.

Scientific-Production Enterprise "Gammagrafik" develop, manufacture and deliver on your order plastic cards, in any part of Ukraine and the world, wherever you are.

We will be glad to be useful to you and your business.