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About plastic cards

About plastic cards

Plastic cards enjoy wide popularity in the modern world. Bank credit and debit cards, ID cards, bonus and discount cards, vouchers and scratch cards, club, advertising and insurance cards is not the complete list of possible applications of plastic cards in today’s world. Nowadays a plastic card has become an indispensable attribute of every fast-growing business.

Production of plastic cards

Scientific-Production Enterprise "Gammagrafik develops and manufactures plastic cards of almost any kind.

Manufacturing plastic cards begins with the development of their design and appearance specifications. After coordination with the Customer Design and Specifications, Order comes into production.

In accordance with the developed designed and decorated Specification, be printed on plastic sheets, position applying for plastic sheets printed with holograms, sintering of printed sheets in a press laminator and cutting pieces of plastic cards on special equipment.

Types of plastic cards

Bank cards

Since the time when Dinners Club and American Express started issuing payment cards in the 50’s of the past century, a huge progress has been made in this area. The main objective was to facilitate anti-counterfeit activities. Despite all the improvements introduced to the electronic part of the cards, the visual authenticity control still remains an issue. It sometimes costs the forgers less effort to get access to the bank cards codes and transfer them to the fake ones than to reproduce the technological process of creating the plastic base.

ID cards

Plastic card with hologram

Plastic card with hologram

Plastic cards with hologram stickers

Hologram sticker is a self-adhesive label with a holographic image structure which reproduces 2D or 3D images and is impossible to be copied or replicated by means of ordinary printing devices. Graphic and holographic images may include the following elements: kinetic movement effect, true color, moire effect, micron texts, Guilloche grids, hidden images, numbering, laser demetalization and many others.